• INRAA, 2 Rue Frères Oudek, Hacène Badi, El Harrach
  • June 14, 2024

Mon titre

The purpose of the event is to install three stationary Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensor (CRNS) for soil moisture assessment. The following topics should be covered (about three days will be for the site selection, installation of the CRNS device, taking 106 soil samples for calibration as well as plant samples and working in the lab. for the determination of water contents. This will be each of the CRNS which will be total of 9 days. One day for data managements and future use of CRNS):
1.Installation of three stationary CRNS.
2.Discussing the possible demonstration trial on farmers field design field experiment for CRNS.
3. Field visits and selection of the field sites.
4.Discussing the tools needed for installing the CRNS and soil augers needed for the calibration (106 soil sample for each calibration).
5.Installation of the CRNS in the permanent field. Turn the CRNS device on and be sure that the data is coming up. Calibration
sampling (108 soil samples, destructive and non-destructive) to determine the calibrations parameters needed. Also, one combined small soil sample (about 30 g) will be collected over the footprint to be sent to the specific Lab. in Canada for the estimation of lattice water and soil organic carbon.in the footprint. 
6.Working in the laboratory to measure the volumetric water content.